RP Log 7.24.2014 

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Surak Help Me! 40-60 Threads 


I just spent the night adding threads to , and I’ve got 40 active threads listed on it for 5 blogs. Those are the 40 that have been active in the last 3 weeks. 

I know there are probably 20 more out there with my slower partners, and I’m thankful that they are slow. 

I’m going to need to end some threads and not take on any new ones for a couple of weeks. 

I’m Here to Help - Kennex and Sylar 


Kennex shook his head.  ”No, this is one of the retro-theaters.  It’s designed to look like the shitty twentieth century dives.  They have security cameras, but they’re not worth a damn once the lights go down.”  And the cameras out in the lobby were mostly for show.  He’d been to a couple robberies in theaters like the one they were in, in the past.  The cameras had been there to deter, but there had been no power going to them.  

And the cheap-ass theater owners hadn’t wanted to upgrade to sentient security.  They wanted to maintain the integrity of a shitty twentieth century theater.

He tuned out the MX as it prattled on, essentially repeating what he’d just told Gray, and moved away from the mess.  They’d hopefully have a body to identify at the morgue.  And if not, Rudy’d have the virtu-topsies ready for them to view.

"Once we get an identity, we need to run the name against that list we found."  He said quietly, not wanting his voice to carry.  He hadn’t logged the list into evidence, as yet.  The idea that it could vanish was a real fear for him.

"If this guy has been undetected thus far, and he seems to be picking up in speed, he’s going to hit places he knows won’t be able to ID him.."  John wrinkled his nose a little, considering it.  He didn’t like where his brain was going.  They’d need bait.

And he didn’t even know where to begin to find bait for this guy…


“He’s probably on it,” Gray said as he took one last look at the area around the body. He stood behind him, in the same place where the copycat had to make his cuts. He was careful not to touch anything as he pictured the scene in his head. The warm splash of the blood spatter on his face would have made him smile in the past.

“Didn’t he have his ID on him, or are we waiting to scan his prints?” Local police procedure was different from city to city, and sometimes even he got lost in the sheer amount of legalese stuck in his brain.

“Fuck it,” he said, leaning over the back of the seat and lifting the dead man’s hand. He pressed his fingertip to his phone to let it scan his print, and then carefully set it back where it started, all the while ignoring the MX prattling on that he should not touch the corpse. “Back off, Sparky, some of us are trying to do our jobs.”

But he did need to move away from the body, out of the bloody area. The smell of it was too much, and the old hunger was rolling around in his gut. “His name was Jason Travers, and yes, he was on the list.” 


Still Sick 7.23.2014 


Very tired. Not feeling up to doing drafts or much of anything else. Sorry guys. 


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  1. My one and only retail job was at Barnes & Noble. I spent my entire paycheck on books every week. I have no idea how I paid my rent.
  2. I’ve been RPing Sylar since season 2 of Heroes. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I’d RP him if he was fugly—because his face doesn’t matter to me.
  3. This year has been full of death and stress for me. My dad died, and then 2 of my dogs died this past Spring. I’ve had huge car repairs and plumbing issues to deal with too.
  4. I’m rewatching Buffy for the first time in YEARS, which is funny since my very first non-OC RP character was Giles. I like getting my anal retentive Brit on. 
  5. I’m grateful that I’m RPing askfirstofficerspock to balance out Sylar. Constantly plotting ways to murder people never felt like a healthy life choice although it did lead to good writing. Now I balance that out with science. 

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Title: Man In The Box
Artist: Alice In Chains
Played: 114 times

I’m the man in the box

Buried in my shit

Won’t you come and save me, save me

Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?

Jesus Christ, deny your maker

He who tries, will be wasted

Feed my eyes now you’ve sewn them shut

I’m the dog who gets beat

Shove my nose in shit

Won’t you come and save me, save me

Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?

Jesus Christ, deny your maker

He who tries, will be wasted

Feed my eyes now you’ve sewn them shut

you                  can
on        me         to

RP is a Partnership 


Note to my RP partners:

Please do not be afraid of moving the story along. What I mean by that is it’s OK for you to get an idea from what I’ve written and take the plot into a new direction or to enhance the old. If you’re nervous, or afraid, that you’ll upset me, you can always send me a message to check if it’s OK to do the thing.

I play with you, because I want to, and I trust your creative instincts. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing threads with you, plotting with you in asks and on Skype. If we’re playing, I want us to be equals, and I don’t want you to take a backseat to me.

I need you to share the story with me. Think about it like Pacific Rim.

RP is a partnership. If you don’t work with your partner, you can’t move the big damn robot. You can’t save the world from the giant monsters, and you cannot tell a story. If only one half of the partnership is moving, the robot will walk in circles, get tired and break down. You’ll lose the partnership, and the story will die.

Don’t let this happen. Be a partner. Tell the story together. 

Reblog if you like deep, lengthy threads. 

What is it that makes us desire what we cannot have?